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Hi! My name is Gillian McAinsh, and I’m a writer and editor living on the south-east coast of Africa in Nelson Mandela Bay. 

Gill’s Journal is my blog, where I come to share a smidgeon of sunshine. This is the place for my happy-snaps and random thoughts. There is no hidden agenda or long-term goal, unless you count self-expression as an agenda or goal.

As a former newspaper journalist, you can expect to find bits and pieces about writing and editing. Few things rile me as much as sloppy spelling, poor punctuation and the overuse of the Oxford comma (grammar nerds will notice what I did here).

When I’m not working, though, I love to swim in Algoa Bay, a beautiful part of the Indian Ocean on the shore of our city. The water temperature rarely drops below 14 degrees Celsius, so it’s swimmable throughout summer and winter. Sometimes our Ocean Tribe meets dolphins along the way and, wow, that is always an incredible experience.

I live with my husband and daughter but you won’t find their photos or stories here, however. That’s because they do not want to live online, and I respect that. 

What you can expect to see are heaps of pics of the beach, our ginger cat, grammar memes, flowers, friends, clouds and other random stuff that makes my heart smile. 

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If you want to know more about my work, visit my work” website:

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(p.s. all photos are mine, most of them taken on my iPhone, unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to share or use if you link back to or credit where you found them. More happy snaps on my Instagram and Facebook profiles.)

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