Jun 11, 2023

“Be still and know that I am God” is one of my favourite Bible verses.

It’s a quiet reminder to take time to pause, reflect and remember what is important in life.

For me, that is family, friends, health … and these are universal wherever you are in the world.

Anything extra over and above is a bonus. Yet, how often do we drown out what is important with hustle and bustle? I know I do.

This verse sits on a shelf in my office, surrounded by a few items that have a special meaning for me.

Be still and know that I am God

– Psalm 46:10

The nautilus shell, for example, we found at the beach on a weekend away with my brother’s family, and when I look at it I think of my teenage niece and how excited she was to find it.

The wreath on the left is a decor memento from another niece’s wedding, held over Covid in our back garden two years ago. South African lockdown restrictions meant only small groups could gather, so their initial guest list was whittled down to the bone. Yet, it was a very beautiful and happy day.

Bring nature in

The twig covered in lichen blew off a fir tree in our garden (Nelson Mandela Bay can be extremely windy). I love bit of driftwood, leaves, wood, trees … nature is ever-changing, reminding us of our mortality and, at the same time, reminding us that there is potential for new life.

The black ceramic vase is a beautifully crafted vessel. Its design is subtly African and shows how creatively black and white work together.

You might notice green shells peeping over the edge of the vase, these are sea urchins, we find them washed up high tide, but not very often.

Sunday still life … these three words can be read in many ways.

girl on rocky coast holding shell
black and white photograph of  bridal couple with older man
still life of leaves in a vase and white shell on a shelf
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